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December 22, 2018

These are some of my own videos! Please watch them and also visit my channel at:


Obstacle avoiding robot with Ev3

Today I have made an obstacle avoiding not using Lego mindstorms EV3. It can also avoid any walls or obstacles that come in it's way.

Introduction to LEGO Mindstorm EV3

Basic information about LEGO mindstorm EV3

EV3 war-robot 1

This is a robot made by lego mindstorms ev3. it is actually a war robot.

DIY toy car

This is a racing toy car that I have made using parts from mechanics, motors and wheels, a switch and batteries.

World Robot Olympiad 2018

Fr. Agnel School- Noida team participation in the WRO 2018. We built a Robot using Lego EV3, with an objective to reduce food waste.

Introduction to Arduino Uno

Introduction to Arduino Uno platform explaining its components. It's an open source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.

CAR RACE - Speedzor Vs Carsmasher

In this video i have raced two cars- speedzor and crasmasher. Carsmasher is big, heavy and powerful. It is the yellow one and it also appeared in one of my previous videos. Speedzor is built from the robotix kit of mechanics and is lightweight, smaller and uses a single motor to turn its wheels. Lets see who wins! please like and Subscribe!

Science Project- Clean Energy

This project is a model of using clean power sources to convert them into electricity. This model demonstrates the clean electricity generate from Hydro, Solar & Wind power sources. Project Team (Fr. Agnel School, Noida ): Aarav - VIB Aditya- VIC Arnav- VIB Tanay- VIC

Introduction to the Rasperry pi 3

The raspberry pi is a very compact and cheap computer. It can be used for various experiments. It uses a version of linux for it's operating software, Raspbian. The Raspberry pi is convenient to use and can be programmed by many different ways like Wolfram, Python and Scratch.

Line follower Ev3 with one sensor

This is a PID line follower using one sensor of the lego mindstorms ev3 kit.

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